“How long has Fast Shave Gel been around?”

32 years. In Australia, its been around longer than shave gels sold by Gillette and Nivea. Its made in Dandenong Victoria.

“Why is it called Fast?”

I had too much alcohol at a party and declared that if Palmolive called their aerosol Rapid Shave I’d call my product Fast...a joke, now running for 30 years.

“How long before I get my Fast Shave Gel?”

Australian orders will be despatched by Deb, from her garage, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. This is how Deb makes her restaurant money. Deb couldn’t stand Melbourne winters so she moved to Queensland. Deb despatches orders on Wednesdays and Thursdays via Australia Post, who seem to be  reliable. We got annoyed at the other delivery companies who weren’t bothering to knock on our customers doors to deliver Fast, they’d just leave ‘Not At Home” cards in letterboxes. International orders will be despatched by Fulfilment By Amazon.

Can I Wash My Hair / Face / Body with Fast Shave Gel?

My 95 year old mother, Enid, claims Fast Shave Gel is the best facial cleanser she has ever used....and thats a lot of cleansers in 10 decades. Her bridge playing friends also use Fast Shave Gel. The gel is formulated to a 6.5 pH. It’s the most neutrally balanced cleanser you’ll ever buy. And at the price, probably the cheapest.

“You should make the tube with a flip top”

No I shouldn’t. My customers like packing tubes of Fast Shave Gel in their luggage. Baggage handlers at airports just love throwing someone else’s heavy, hard suitcase on top of your soft sensible bag. That causes tubes to explode, which they do a lot easier with a flip top. Screw tops are more secure.

“Fast Shave Gel doesn’t lather as much as other shave gels”

It’s designed not to.  Your whiskers absorb 17 times their own weight in moisture, which is when they are the easiest to cut. The more air in the formulation the less moisture absorbed by your whiskers, the harder they are to cut and the more skin rashes and in-grown whiskers you'll get. Foams and lathers are a mixture of air and formulation, very efficient at blunting expensive razors but not very efficient at close, rash free shaving. The less air the better the shave.