"30% more? I bought a 10 pack of Gillette Sensor Excels in Sept 2018. Still got 3 left. Yeah I only shave 2-3 times a week, but I think 30% is a bit conservative. Love your work."

Andrew Perry - Bomaderry NSW

Fat Cat Razor Corporations.....

.....earn a lot more $$$ selling you blades than shaving foams. If they formulated their shave foams to be slipperier their blades would last longer and you wouldn’t need to buy them as often....making their rich hedge fund owners angry.

"The thought of using another product fills me with dread." Greg Rutter. Townsville QLD

Toxic Chemicals In Aerosols

Ever wondered why razor lubricating strips go ‘stringy’? Toxic chemicals in aerosols melt the silicone lubricating strip. Aerosols contain alkaline chemicals to create lots of foam (looks good) and blunt razors (great for profits). Check your aerosol for isobutane, isopentane, butane (cigarette lighter gas) propane (bbq gas) sodium hydroxide (used in drain cleaners) potassium hydroxide (used in oven cleaners) Aerosols are pH 14 the same as engine degreasers. Why would you put them on your face?

"This is the only product I can use everyday without developing a rash and in-grown hairs." Tim Hughes. Sydney

We Started A Revolution

1.6m Fast Shave Preps sold. 114m faces shaved. 34.2m extra shaves with the same blade.

Yep, we're a 100% Aussie company. Big country, small company, founded in 1989 by Ross MacDowell who was pissed off mutli-national shaving conglomerates were ripping off shavers with dodgy shave preps full of toxic chemicals designed to blunt their razor blades....forcing you to buy more of their ridiculously expensive blade replacements. We make great shave preps, not conflict of interest. Our shave preps are non toxic and make your blade last 30% longer. That's why razor companies hate us. Our profits don't go to hedge funds, they go to small Australian owned businesses. You’re my customer, not a marketing department statistic. For 30 years you have posted me letters, sent faxes, telephoned, emailed and messaged me with praise, complaints and suggestions. I've answered every one. Without you I don’t have a business.

Viva La Revolution!

"You have the best shaving gel bar none. And I've tried them all. I can't shave without it." Case Zevenbergen. Southport QLD.

Not So Dumb Questions

“How long has Fast Shave Gel been around?”

Developed 32 years ago by the Master Shaver, Ross MacDowell. In Australia, its been around longer than shave gels sold by Gillette, Nivea and everybody else. Its made in Dandenong Victoria.

“Why is it called Fast?”

I had way too much beer at a party and declared because Palmolive called their aerosol Rapid Shave, I’d call my new shave gel Fast. Funny how beer heightens creativity!

“How long before I get my Fast Shave Gel?”

Australian orders will be despatched by Deb, from her garage, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. This is how Deb makes her restaurant money. Deb couldn’t stand Melbourne winters so she moved to Queensland. Deb despatches orders on Wednesdays and Thursdays via Australia Post, who seem to be  reliable and quote 5 days to deliver in Australia. We got annoyed at the other delivery companies who weren’t bothering to knock on our customers doors to deliver Fast. They’d just leave ‘Not At Home” cards in letterboxes. Orders outside Australia take approx 14 days dependant on the mercy of your local post system.

Can I Wash My Hair / Face / Body with Fast Shave Gel?

My 95 year old mother, Enid, claims Fast Shave Gel is the best facial cleanser she has ever used....and thats a lot of cleansers in 10 decades. Her bridge playing friends wash their hair with Fast Shave Gel. The gel is formulated to a 6.5 pH so its probably the most balanced skin cleanser you can buy for under $10.

“You should make the tube with a flip top”

No I shouldn’t. My customers like packing Fast Shave prep tubes in their luggage. Baggage handlers at airports just love throwing someone else’s heavy, hard suitcase on top of your soft sensible bag. That causes tubes to explode, which they do a lot easier with a flip top. Screw tops are more secure.

“Fast Shave Gel doesn’t lather as much as other shave gels”

It’s designed not to. Your whiskers absorb 17 times their own weight in moisture, that's when they are the easiest to cut. The more air in the formulation the less moisture absorbed by your whiskers making them harder to cut causing more skin rashes and in-grown whiskers. Expanding aerosol foams are mostly air which don't saturate your whiskers and blunt your expensive blade causing rashes as the razor drags across your delicate skin. The less air the better the shave.

"My stockpile of Fast Shave Gel tubes is almost gone!" Andrew Mains. Lindfield NSW